Scuba Diving off Tenggol Island

Tenggol Island is a lesser-known island sitting of the east coast of Malaysia. The more well-known Perhentian Islands in the peninsular northeast and Sipadan Island off the east coast of Borneo steal the glory from little old Pulau Tenggol.

Well, when Jack and I took a trip to Malaysia last Summer, we wanted to experience the world-class diving Malaysia has to offer. Knowing of the popularity of the Perhentians, we asked our respective Malaysian friends about quality dive spots with fewer travelers. Pulau Tenggol was the response.

An easy 3-3.5 hour bus ride from Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, the Tenggol group of islands sits off the coast just a 45 minute boat ride from the jetty near the small town of Dungun.

Below is a compilation of pictures and videos we took while scuba diving near Tenggol. Enjoy! (I recommend full screen.)

  • Wow! Another good diving place to consider. I don’t know but somehow I enjoyed watching the video.

  • Nice video. Did you see any bigger fish during your dive trips? I was warned by friends that diving at Tenggol can be quite strenuous because of strong currents, did you notice anything? Thanks