How to Do Vegas Right: 3 Simple Rules

Gambling, hookers, booze, and staying up all night. That’s the stereotype of Vegas that the Tourism board wants you to live out. Hence the endorsed motto: What happens here, stays here. Well, if you want to know how to do Vegas right, follow these 3 simple rules!

Best way to do Las Vegas - ParisRule #1: Two nights max.

Never stay in Vegas more than 3 days, and 2 nights.

A) Your body can’t handle
B) Your mind can’t handle it
C) Your wallet (or purse) definitely can’t handle it.

The first day and night are fun. Soak up all the lights, the action, the excitement, and gamble a little. The second day and night are either a crazy blur, or a chance to see what you missed the first day. The third day you’re either hungover, or simply over it. Go home. Another night and you’ll wish you hadn’t come to Vegas at all!

Rule #2: If you’re not willing to lose it, don’t gamble it.

That’s the only gambling rule you need to stick to. The rest is up to you. Set aside an amount of money you plan to lose in Vegas and don’t gamble a dime more.

If you lose it all in the first night, you’re done. Watch your friends lose their money or go see a show. If you’re smart, you’ll pace yourself and enjoy the money you spend on the various games that you probably can’t enjoy back at home. Whether it’s $100, or $5,000, set your limit and stick to it.

Best way to do Las Vegas - Bellagio fountains imageRule #3: Stay near the strip.

Vegas isn’t cheap, don’t try to do it cheap.

Now, you don’t have to spend $300 for a room at the Bellagio, but you definitely want to be close to the strip. I recommend the Tropicana or maybe Hooters.

Hooters is a dump, but it’s a comfortable bed a half block from the main area. Tropicana is the cheapest hotel/casino actually on Vegas Blvd. You should be able to get a room for under $80 on a weekday.

Follow these three simple rules, and do Vegas the right way. Thousands of people regret their time in Vegas for one reason or another. Of the ones I’ve met, it’s because they broke at least one of these three simple rules.

  • Bryan

    We got out room at Planet Hollywood for $58/night in January. I’m sure it’s seasonal and all that jazz but there’s certainly good rates to be found. And, by the way, you’re right – more than a couple of nights in Vegas is too much.