Tony Robbins Stronghold Financial review – caution

Image from the front of the Stronghold financial website showing Tony Robbins.

Image of the Stronghold Financial homepage with Tony Robbins face.

This is a review for the new tool endorsed by Tony Robbins by Stronghold Financial that apparently gathers your investment portfolio details and compares them to an asset allocation laid out by the investment firm, Stronghold Financial Group. (Update: It’s now called Portfolio Checkup by Creative Planning. I guess negative reviews forced them to rebrand?)

Like many others in my generation (young 30’s), I found out about Stronghold Financial from listening to a Tim Ferriss interview with Tony Robbins (listen here on iTunes, or on Tim’s site here) . Tony Robbins is a ridiculously inspiring human and listening to him speak about anything will light a fire under your tail and make you want to live a better life and be a better person.

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